How To Tell If You Have A Case Of Wanderlust


Wanderlust is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at times. Many people feel restless, unfulfilled, and uninspired when going about their day-to-day routine. Occasionally, however, people can contract chronic Wanderlust, which can cause so much distress that it interferes with their ability to live a normal, stable life.

Wanderlust is a serious illness. For people with Wanderlust, the desperate and insatiable hunger for travel and adventure can overtake their lives. Their entire existence becomes centered around managing and caring for their Wanderlust. It can seem hopeless at times.

Symptoms vary depending on the type of Wanderlust, but you may have developed a case of Wanderlust if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • You have a deep and hungry yearning for something greater, and the unexplainable understanding that life is about more than just “getting by.”
  • You feel unfulfilled while living a life that most people consider “normal” or strive for. When working a 9-5 you often feel caged, distressed, and sad. The thought of actually purchasing a home and staying in one place sends you into fits of anxiety.
  • You have trouble coping with a routine schedule. You may find yourself frequently becoming bored, or feeling like you’re losing your spark.
  • Every time you see a plane pass overhead you wonder where it’s going and wish that you were on it.
  • You are unable to answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in three years?”
  • You frequently find yourself purging your belongings to live as minimally as possible, for no apparent reason.
  • You know exactly how this feels: “You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.”
  • Any excuse for a road trip, you’ll take.
  • You believe it truly is the journey, not the destination, because your fondest (and funniest) memories involve the crazy things you did to make it somewhere new.

What causes Wanderlust?

  • A deeply embedded social expectation that we have to grow up, work a 9-5, buy a house with a white picket fence and settle down and raise a family.
  • The illusory correlation between money and happiness.
  • Choosing to ignore your dreams and go after more “realistic” goals.
  • The common excuse: “Someday I will do that.”
  • Fear of failure or inadequacy.

You may be asking, “What can I do?”

If you think you have contracted a case of chronic Wanderlust, don’t be afraid to seek help, leave your daily routine behind and live a life full of adventure. Find solace in the fact that you are not alone. Millions of other people are silently suffering from Wanderlust, and are going about their daily routines without properly dealing with it.

There is only one known cure for Wanderlust. All you need to do is get the fuck up, stop being afraid, and do something truly amazing with your life.